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Calgary Professional Accounting Services

accounting-services-smallWe offer complete business accounting services, including: GST filing, Payroll administration, T4 / T5 filing,  financial information preparation, dealing with bankers and financial institutions. We understand the importance of financial information both for tax filings and decision making purposes, and we strive to make financial reporting meaningful and informative to our clients.

Business Setup and Incorporation

Couple standing in front of organic food store smiling We can help with new business setup right from the start. Whether you decide to incorporate or operate as a sole proprietor, our firm can help with the setup and government’s registration of your business. We ensure that a proper business structure and minute book exist, GST and payroll systems are in place as needed, and an adequate accounting system is running. We can also assist you with preparing a business plan, as well as developing succession and exit strategies.

Buying & Selling a Business
Group of businesspeople.When buying or selling a business, our firm can assist you with issues such as shares vs. assets transactions, financial projections, contract payout terms, price, and tax implications. We will work with lawyers, bankers and other professionals to help you make informative and effective business decisions.

Complex Issues

Our firm can help with complex issues, such as:
Accounting and taxes

  • delinquent tax filing and other compliance issues
  • estates, final returns and Clearance Certificate applications
  • shareholder’s agreements discussions
  • CRA information requests
  • tax / business applications
  • CRA Voluntary Disclosure
  • CRA foreign income reporting


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