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Calgary Professional Tax Services, CRA Audits and Compliance

Dealing With CRA? Don’t panic! – We can help!

We offer a full range of tax, CRA compliance and filing services, including: complex tax filing, late tax filing, CRA complaints and disputes, sole proprietor business schedules, rental property schedules, corporate federal tax filing, corporate provincial tax filing, CRA tax audits, and more. Many of our clients require year-round payroll, GST, and other tax filings.

Medical & Dental
medical-industries-smallWe have many clients that are medical doctors and dental practitioners with specialties and sub-specialties. We understand how professional corporations, medical or dental practices work in Calgary and in the province of Alberta in general . Issues such as overhead expenses, billing requirements, professional development courses, seminars, meals and entertainment, travel, office rent, dues and memberships, payroll and dividends, are issues that we deal with regularly. We also understand the dynamic changes that the medical and dental industry are going through, how hard our medical and dental practitioners work, and the value of their time. We offer to manage their payroll system monthly and free our professional to focus on their specialties.

Innovation and Technology
oil-gas-industries-smallWe have innovation and technology startups clients, whether subcontract, incorporated or employees, and we can address many common issues such as work from home, travel, accommodation, and other allowances. Our firm understands the need for accountability, support for government subsidies, and adequate tax filings.

Other small businesses and high net worth individuals
We have many clients in all kind of industries and disciplines, such as retail, land development, advertising, legal etc. With vast business experience and a broad perspective to business, we can provide accounting, tax service to almost any type of business.

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